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Carmine Paolino

My name is Carmine Paolino. I'm Co-Founder & CTO of an AI company that reduces food waste. I also make music, take photos, and do improv comedy.

After The Sky Will Be Blue

I made a song! Crimson Lake · After The Sky Will Be Blue (WIP)

Slides of my talk "Scaling Machine Learning Systems up to Billions of Predictions per Day"

Whether it’s a linear regressor or a system of connected deep learning models, getting your models ready is half the battle. Did you design your machine lea...

Slides of my talk "Structure Unstructured Data"

This is the story of how at OLX Group we went from 300k uncategorised images of watches to production models that recognise 58 classes with 90% precision, at...

Installing TensorFlow 1.4.0 on macOS with CUDA support

Since version 1.2, Google dropped GPU support on macOS from TensorFlow. It’s understandable. As of today, the last Mac that integrated an nVidia GPU was rel...